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Private detectives and investigators in the United Kingdom offer a myriad of services to their clients, most of which they handle themselves. However, when a polygraph test becomes necessary, these professionals turn to accredited American Polygraph Association (APA) and UK Polygraph Association (BPS) lie detector test providers, unless they have a qualified APA-standard examiner in-house.

Lie Detectors UK, one such service provider, conducts numerous tests every month for private detectives. By leveraging our expertise, investigators can refine their focus, making their inquiries more efficient and saving their clients’ time and money.

Many top-tier private investigation agencies hire ex-military personnel and frequently use polygraph services in their pre-employment screening procedures, ensuring they maintain a team of high-integrity, quality individuals.

Working with accredited lie detector test providers like Lie Detectors UK ensures that private investigation agencies protect their reputation by delivering the best possible service to their clients. Reputations can be built or shattered based on the services agencies provide, which is why they entrust us with their polygraph testing needs.

The appeal of Lie Detectors UK’s service lies in the speed of response. Many investigations are time-sensitive, so the ability to quickly book a test online, potentially even on the same day, is of paramount importance to our private investigator clientele.

A standard lie detector test with Lie Detectors UK lasts about two hours. Clients can opt to have the examiner visit their home, or they can come to one of our offices.

Lie detector test results, while not usually admissible in court unless permitted by a judge as supportive evidence, can prevent detectives from wasting time on false leads. For instance, if test results indicate that a client is lying, the detective may decide not to pursue the case. Following each test, a comprehensive report is prepared for the agency, with results only shared as instructed.

Private investigators often use lie detector tests in three main areas to determine the honesty of witnesses or clients:

Infidelity or bigamy: If a partner in a relationship or marriage refuses a lie detector test, it alerts detectives to the need for more intensive investigation. On the other hand, a willingness to take a test can quickly resolve a case.

Theft in the workplace: When an employer can’t determine the identity of a thief within their ranks, private investigators often go undercover as employees. Once a potential thief is identified, that person may be asked to take a lie detector test.

Lie Detectors UK has built an enviable reputation over the years as a professional, discreet, and certified lie detector test provider. Agencies requiring polygraph services can trust our commitment to confidentiality and thoroughness in our operations.