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LieDetectors.UK is one of the leading polygraph testing service companies in UK today.

State-of-the-art equipment

We offer a wide variety of extensive polygraph testing services using state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge techniques guaranteed to provide accurate and reliable results.

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ur team of highly-trained and competent examiners is equipped with the latest examination approaches and methods to handle different types of situation for a large range of industries.

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Find out the truth or bring out the lie with excellent and top-notch polygraph testing services, only from Lie Detectors UK!

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We guarantee that customers will get the best lie detection service that they deserve -- reliable, affordable, and confidential.

Who Uses Lie Detectors

With the accuracy and efficiency of polygraph testing, it has been utilized in different fields for numerous situations. Relationships - pol

How Does Polygraph Testing Work?

Studies have proven that the human body exhibits different physiological responses when a person deals with a series of thought-provoking q

Is Polygraph Testing Something I Need?

Is Polygraph Testing Something I Need?   Polygraph testing can help people who are troubled by issues involving honesty and integrity. I

How to choose a professional polygraph examiner

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Marital problems and lie detectors

Being cheated on by your spouse could be the most painful thing that could happen to you. Aside from the inconveniences of separation, you could

The Truth about Lie Detectors

You have seen it in crime dramas, ads, and even in comedies: the lie detector test is now a popular cultural icon. You see the polygraph pen movi