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Lie Detector Test / Polygraph Services

LieDetectors UK Services is one of the leading polygraph testing service companies in UK today. We offer a wide variety of extensive polygraph testing services using state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge techniques guaranteed to provide accurate and reliable results. Our team of highly-trained and competent examiners is equipped with the latest examination approaches and methods to handle different types of situation for a large range of industries.

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We are an private company providing Lie Detector Tests (Polygraphs) Directly to Clients across the UK. We are independent of agencies and have over 30 years of experience in addition to affiliation with all of the global and UK based recognised bodies in polygraph testing.

All of our examiners are accredited with the American Polygraph Association and most importantly with all of the correct qualifications and experience for providing Lie Detector Test Services in the United Kingdom to the highest professional level. We understand our clients and are always respectful of all enquiries which are handled with integrity and empathy in every individual case.

Accredited UK Examiners

You can be reassured you are dealing direct with trained, experienced and qualified examiners with all of the relevant credentials. We are not an agency so you also benefit with quality and affordability.

Fully Verified Reports Included

As a pre-requisite we provide fully verified reports and verbal readings of results with every lie detector test we conduct. As we deal with our clients directly, there are no stealth charges or other expenses.

Client Focused Approach

Choosing the right company to work with when looking for lie detector testing is an important decision to make. You’ll want to be confident that the results will be reliable and we want to give you that peace of mind.

How does a Lie Detector Test Work?

Please visit our frequently asked questions page for more knowledge and information about costs and test formats.

Our Private Lie Detector Services

At Liedetectors.UK, we conduct lie detector tests in an ethical way and can provide you with quality polygraph testing services and free advice. We can help you cope with any situation, from assisting in legal defence to truth verification.

Infidelity and Relationship Lie Detector Tests

This involves questions related to dating, having contact with exes and physical contact with another person and questions on internet related activities include visiting dating sites and chat rooms.

Sexual Allegations

Have you been wrongly accused of sexual abuse? Are you a victim of sexual abuse? All our examiners are highly trained in dealing with cases related to sexual offences. Trust us to treat the case with sensitivity and in strict confidence. With our lie detection tests, you can disprove false allegations and verify the truth. Our team of examiners can investigate private and personal suspicions against family, friends or employees.m.

Private/Business Theft Lie Detector

If you have been accused of something you haven’t done, you can prove your innocence through our reliable polygraph tests. The polygraph has proved thousands of individuals innocent of crimes they did not commit. We can help you clear your name by testing your honesty and proving your innocence.

Integrity Verification

With our reliable polygraph tests, we can verify the statements and put to rest false accusations. The test aims to highlight the honesty and integrity of the potential candidate. Defence lawyers may also commission a lie detector to help prove one’s innocence or to defend someone who is being investigated by the police.

Employee Fraud

Fraud by an employee can cost your company. Do you suspect an employee of transferring company information or maliciously deleting vital company data? You can depend on the fraud examiners at Lie Detectors UK to test an individual’s honesty on any situation where trust is an issue. Fraud can involve: Loss of money, company information, Equipment misuse, Transfer of sensitive information, Forged documents

Employee Screening

Did you know over 25% of job applications contain a lie about a serious offence such as fraud or drug taking? With our employment screening, you can not only hire honest and reliable candidates but also secure your business from possible threats and danger. Lie detection tests are used as an aid in the recruitment process and validation of your prospective employees. The pre-employment polygraph screening should be a part of an organisation’s Human Resources Risk Assessment Policy.

Our Locations

Through our network of controlled studio offices in London, Birmingham and Liverpool we are able to provide Same/Next Day tests and work on relatively short notice. You can either visit our locations by appointment or we can provide the service at a suitable environment near to you.

We are the market leading group of examiners when it comes to providing the highest number of tests across the UK on a weekly basis. There is no secret to our success, only that we genuinely care for our clients well being and focus on resolving their issues when ever possible. It is a testament to our team of examiners that we receive such great feedback and are genuinely grateful to our clients for choosing us.