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Lie Detector Costs

The cost of a lie detector test when working directly with a certified examiner should range between £300 and £500. This price should be fixed and all-inclusive, with no additional fees.

Be cautious of referral agencies, as they often act as middlemen and charge extra fees. Always ask for the name of the examiner and speak with them prior to the test. If they can’t provide a name, it’s best to walk away as something may be amiss. At our company, we like to speak with all clients before booking the test.

We require a non-refundable deposit to secure your booking, with the remaining balance due on the day of the test. We accept all major credit cards for your convenience.

We understand that there may be cases where multiple tests are required on the same day. In such instances, we are pleased to offer substantial discounts for multiple tests and can provide additional examiners if necessary to ensure timely results. We recognize that time is of the essence, and having multiple examiners available allows us to efficiently cover all necessary testing in a single day.

At Lie Detectors UK, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional and direct services to our clients with complete transparency. Our costs are fixed and all-inclusive, with no hidden fees or surprises. We do not operate as a referral agency and have our own expert examiners on staff, ensuring you receive the highest standard of testing. With our own permanent offices, we offer flexibility in scheduling, including availability up to 9PM if required. Our examiners are qualified members of the APA providing peace of mind to our clients. We always provide a full report, along with video clips if necessary, ensuring complete confidentiality and professionalism.

The Real Cost of Lie Detector Test

Determining the true cost of a polygraph test can be confusing, with prices ranging from as low as £100 to as high as £800. However, the actual cost for a lie detector test in the UK should be between £300 and £500, and any price above or below that range should be scrutinized. It’s important to avoid detective agencies that charge much higher fees than working directly with a certified examiner, and to always ask to speak with the examiner before booking a test. At our company, we personally review each case and consult with our clients via telephone or email to ensure that a lie detector test is the best course of action. We offer a fixed cost of £350 for a test conducted at our office, at your home, or at a hired office near you anywhere in the UK.


Why is a lie detector test so expensive?

There are several factors that contribute to the cost of a polygraph test. To become a qualified examiner, one must invest a significant amount of time, effort and money, including the costs associated with ongoing training and keeping up-to-date with the latest equipment. For example, some examiners may use a Plesmograph (PLE) sensor to measure blood flow, which is the second most active channel for scoring. However, not all examiners have the necessary training or equipment, which can affect the accuracy of the results.

Moreover, advertising, office and transportation costs also add up to the overall expenses. Therefore, it’s important to choose a qualified and experienced examiner, and ensure you have discussed your case with them prior to booking the test. At Lie Detectors UK, we never take a booking without speaking with the client first to fully understand their situation.


Payment options and pre-ordering checklist


At Lie Detectors UK, we understand that the cost of a lie detector test can be high, and we do not currently offer a payment plan. However, we do allow clients to pay the deposit upon booking and the remainder on the day of the test to spread out payments. We require full payment before running the test to ensure that we are compensated for our services.

We appreciate that the cost of training, buying new equipment, keeping our offices, paying for fuel, and taxes are high. We also accept payment by card, so clients can choose to use a credit card for payment and spread out the cost in that way.

After conducting an online search and shortlisting potential providers for a lie detector test, we recommend that you ask some questions before making a decision to hire a provider:

  • Who is the examiner, and are they a member of APA?
  • What are the examiner’s accreditations?
  • Are the results of the lie detector test peer-reviewed?
  • Do you require full payment when booking, and is the cost under £600?
  • Do you have specialist examiners for sexual or domestic abuse cases?
  • Are there any available discounts when multiple tests are booked?

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have before deciding to book a lie detector test with us or any other provider. We always recommend speaking to the examiner first to discuss your case before booking a test.