With the accuracy and efficiency of polygraph testing, it has been utilized in different fields for numerous situations.

  1. Relationships – polygraph testing has helped couples in resolving conflicts caused by infidelity and personal differences without resorting to divorce
  2. Employment – numerous companies have already included polygraph testing in the recruitment process to make sure that they hire honest and reliable people with justifiable history and a clean criminal record
  3. Investigations – finding out the real story and identifying the real culprit behind any case or crime is now easier with the help of polygraph testing
  4. Rehabilitation – whether it is due to a sexual offense, drug abuse, or mental and emotional instabilities, polygraph testing helps rehab centers in determining the effectiveness of their programs
  5. Theft and Deception – companies feel secured that their employees will think twice before doing any acts of theft and deception as polygraph testing makes detecting these unlawful acts easier and faster
  6. Claims and Benefits – government and private agencies that provide financial assistance and benefits are now confident that they are not being abused by adding polygraph testing as a requirement for filing claims

Whether you are a private individual, a company employee, a business owner, or a government worker, London Polygraph Company is dedicated in providing reliable polygraph testing services that can cater to your specific needs and demands. We are committed to help you achieve peace of mind and personal security.