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Lie Detectors UK recently worked with a couple from Sevenoaks, who had been facing relationship issues due to accusations of infidelity. In this case, one partner had admitted to cheating during a heated argument, but later retracted their statement. The couple turned to Lie Detectors UK for a Proof of Innocence test, to help restore trust and rebuild their relationship.

Consultation and Pre-Test

The couple visited Lie Detectors UK’s Kent offices, where they had a consultation with an examiner. During this consultation, they discussed the issues in their relationship, and the examiner worked with them to come up with three suitable questions for the test. The pre-test stage was used to explain the polygraph process, including a walk-through of the sensors used in the test.

The Testing Stage

The testing stage of the process involved four tests, where the examiner repeated the questions multiple times to take an average for the results. The average time for a lie detector test is around two hours, and the results were provided both verbally and in report format on the same day. One of the popular questions asked during the test was, “Since being in a relationship besides your partner, have you engaged in sexual intercourse with anyone else?”


In this particular case with the couple from Sevenoaks, the partner being tested was found to be telling the truth. The couple was able to use these results to rebuild trust and move forward in their relationship. The Lie Detectors UK team was pleased to be able to help the couple in this situation, as it is not uncommon for arguments to escalate and for people to say things they do not mean.


Lie Detectors UK is committed to providing reliable and professional lie detection services for both personal and business purposes. The team of expert examiners works to ensure the highest standards of professionalism and accuracy in all cases. The Proof of Innocence test has proven to be an effective way to help couples restore trust and move forward from accusations of infidelity.