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Unfounded claims of sexual abuse can be extremely damaging, ruining relationships, families, and even careers. One of our clients, Daniel, purchased a lie detector test in Sevenoaks to save his marriage when his wife was led to believe he had been involved in a sexual relationship with his niece.

Daniel’s Situation

Daniel had been visiting his family in Australia when the pandemic struck. He had planned to complete his trip before returning home, but the flights were canceled soon after his arrival. He had not seen his stepsister, Sarah, and her daughter, Rebecca, for eight years, so extending his stay for a month was not much of a hardship. His employer was understanding of his predicament and assured him that his job would be waiting for him when he returned.

Rebecca, his niece, had always been a handful, but Daniel was unaware of how problematic she had become until his wife, Emily, called him one night. Although he was not an avid social media user, Emily frequently checked Facebook and was concerned about some of the messages she was seeing. She informed Daniel that Rebecca was insinuating that they were in a relationship and that he planned to leave Emily and move to Australia to be with her.

Although Daniel and Rebecca were not related by blood, his father had married Sarah, Rebecca’s mother. Daniel had always been an uncle to Rebecca and nothing more.

The Confrontation

Emily’s phone call triggered an argument that left Daniel in an awful predicament. He denied the allegations, but Emily hung up the phone. Daniel did not know what to do. He could not fly home to sort things out and was trapped in lockdown with his problematic niece.

When Daniel approached Sarah after the call with Emily, she told him that Rebecca had accused him of entering her bedroom at night while everyone else was asleep. She realized he was stuck in the house, but she threatened to call the police.

Daniel was beside himself. At 40, he had never even considered a romantic relationship with anyone, let alone his 15-year-old niece. He could not understand why anyone would think he was capable of such a thing. He tried to gather everyone together to discuss the matter, but Rebecca told her mother that she was too afraid to face him. The situation became so unbearable that he called Lie Detectors UK for a test. Daniel knew he had to prove that his niece was lying before the situation escalated.

The Examination

Sarah agreed not to contact the police until Daniel had taken the test. She ensured she was at home when our lie detector examiner arrived to guarantee the visit’s legitimacy. She sat with our supervisor and discussed the questions that Daniel would be asked. Sarah then went to the garden to sit with Rebecca until the test was complete.

The examiner was able to provide initial test results when the test was finished. Rebecca had lied about the relationship, and Daniel had never touched her or suggested running away with her.

Report and Results

When the results of the lie detector test arrived by email, Daniel immediately forwarded them to his wife. He is now staying with his mother, who was horrified by Rebecca’s behavior but was unsurprised by her previous actions. Daniel will not speak to Rebecca or Sarah again. Daniel’s stepsister should have trusted him and warned him about Rebecca’s character.

According to Daniel’s mother, this is not the first time Rebecca has attempted to ruin someone’s life, and she does not believe it will be the last.”