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The Case:

In 2018, Jane and Mark contacted Lie Detectors UK because they were struggling to move past accusations of infidelity. Mark had been cheated on by his two prior partners and constantly worried that Jane would cheat on him too, even though she insisted that she had been faithful to him throughout their three-year relationship.

The couple requested a Proof of Innocence test for Jane to prove her trustworthiness to her partner and move forward as a couple.

The Test:

During the test, the examiner focused on Jane’s sexual activity in the last three years, and the test measured her physiological changes when responding. Although Jane was understandably nervous, it did not impact the test results: she passed with flying colors.


Lie Detectors UK provided Mark with proof that Jane had not cheated on him, which helped the couple address their trust issues in a non-threatening way and move forward with their relationship.

This case study is just one example of how Lie Detectors UK can help couples resolve infidelity issues and move forward in their relationships with confidence.