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Is Hiring the Wrong Person Risking Your Business? Don’t Let Dishonesty Ruin Your Company’s Reputation.

Ensuring that your employees are trustworthy and reliable is essential for any business. Your employees are the face of your brand, and any dishonest or undesirable behavior can put your business at risk. In many industries, pre-employment screening, including testing, is necessary to maintain security.

Our testing includes a thorough pre-employment interview that covers various areas, such as education, work history, indebtedness, gambling, criminal record, honesty, and drug use. This type of testing has become standard practice for many US Government employees. By analyzing past behavior, such as illegal drug use, we can make inferences about future behavior and ensure that your employees are honest and reliable. Don’t take any chances with your business – contact us today.

Tailored Questions for Pre-Employment Lie Detector Tests

When conducting pre-employment lie detector tests, it’s essential to focus on the information that an employer needs to know, without prying into personal or irrelevant details. Unfortunately, in the past, lie detector tests have been used to obtain irrelevant or subjective information. We take care to create tailored questions that are relevant to the situation, without being invasive or unprofessional.

The Importance of Pre-Employment Polygraph Test

Hiring new employees is always a risk, no matter how thorough the screening process may be. It’s essential to verify the trustworthiness of potential employees to avoid hiring someone who may be deceptive enough to engage in criminal activities, such as theft.

Administering a pre-employment polygraph test as part of the application process can help to ensure that you only hire reliable individuals. The use of such tests is not uncommon in large agencies in the US, such as the FBI, NYPD, and Chicago PD, as they help to form a more comprehensive view of the candidate. While no one is perfect, the results of a polygraph test can help to identify potential issues and prevent them from becoming a problem in the future.

Understanding Polygraph Tests: How Do They Work?

Polygraph tests are designed to detect physical changes in the body that are associated with lying. When a person lies, their heart rate and perspiration increase, which are tell-tale signs of deceit. The test begins by asking baseline questions, to which the answers are already known to be true, in order to establish a baseline measurement. Then, the administrator asks key questions, which are the focus of the test. If there is a significant change in the physical response during the key questions, it is likely that the person is being deceptive.

When to Use Polygraph Tests in Recruitment?

Polygraph tests should not be used too early in the recruitment process as it can be time-consuming. Instead, employers should consider other factors to narrow down the applicant pool first.

Some experts suggest administering the lie detector test after the employer has made the decision to hire someone but before extending the job offer. If the candidate passes the test, they can be offered the job. If they fail, the employer can move on to the next best applicant.

Certain industries, such as childcare, working with vulnerable people, manufacturing, working with controlled substances, handling sensitive information, and finance can benefit from using polygraph tests during the recruitment process.

Secure Your Organization with a Pre-Employment Polygraph Test

As an employer, it is crucial to ensure that your staff members are trustworthy and honest. The success and reputation of your organization depend on it. Avoid hiring someone who could potentially damage your business and profits.

At Lie Detectors UK, we have been providing pre-employment polygraph tests to corporate and private clients in the UK for over five years. Our experienced examiners can help you determine the trustworthiness of potential hires. Contact us today to schedule a test and secure your organization’s future.

Polygraph Testing for Business Owners

Employee theft is a significant concern for business owners and can have a negative impact on company morale. Administering a lie detector test to staff sends a strong message that theft will not be tolerated. We always advise that you make it clear to staff that they may be asked to take a lie detector test to deter theft, and in some cases, a staff member may choose to resign rather than take the test.

We have worked on high-profile cases for many large employers, and the polygraph has proven to be an effective interrogation tool. While you cannot force an employee to take the test, a refusal may speak volumes. Theft is a clear-cut issue that is ideal for polygraph testing, resulting in increased accuracy in the test results. If you suspect that theft is occurring in your business, contact us to schedule a polygraph test.

When to Use Polygraph Testing in the Workplace

Polygraph testing, which was initially reserved for law enforcement agencies, has now become available to the general public. Experienced examiners use state-of-the-art polygraphs to ensure maximum accuracy, and they work only with accredited professionals. Therefore, clients can get honest answers to their questions and find out who is lying and who is telling the truth.

While it’s common for spouses to hire polygraph testers to determine if their partners are cheating, companies can also benefit from polygraphs. In fact, there are several situations in which administering a lie detector test can save you a significant amount of time, money, and even your company’s reputation.

Screening a Candidate’s Honesty

Although asking a job candidate to undergo a polygraph test during an interview may seem excessive, it is a practical approach when the position involves handling sensitive information, money, or firearms. In many countries, it is customary for employers to request a lie detector test to ensure that candidates are trustworthy. If your job position requires a high level of selectivity, a lie detector test can be a valuable tool. This test can reveal if a candidate has been truthful about their work history and background. Employing someone with a history of addiction, gambling, or criminal offenses can pose serious risks in some fields. Thus, it is better to be prepared and verify any concerns in advance.

Using Polygraph Testing to Solve Bribery and Theft Allegations in the Workplace

Resolving theft and bribery allegations in a company can be a challenging and delicate matter. Accusing an innocent person can lead to severe consequences for both the individual and the company. If you lack sufficient evidence, a lie detector test can be a reliable solution. Although it may be costly, it is a small price to pay compared to the potential risks of employing a dishonest person. Working with a company that guarantees confidentiality is recommended to ensure that your issues remain private.