Polygraph testing has been considered effective in lie detection and verifying the truth for years and with the services of theLie Detectors UK Company, this can now be conducted faster and easier. The following are some of the issues where the lie detection/polygraph testing services of the Lie Detectors UK can be used:


If you are suspecting someone of theft — whether at work or in your home — getting polygraph testing is what you need. This service can help in uncovering the truth by letting a person be examined. If ever you are the one being accused of something, your honesty can be tested to resolve the issue. All test results will come with a report written by the examiner from the company. It can also be validated by another independent examiner provided by the complainant.


Frauds are found to be costly in every company as the losses eat away its profits. If you are a business owner and have trust issues with some employees, you can get the help of the Lie Detectors UK to do a series of lie detection tests. During the test, questions regarding the theft of money or goods, misuse of company information, forged documents, and other issues can be included. The examiners will go through your complaints first and make questions that can test the honesty of the accused.

Pre-employment Screening

No matter how much business owners want to accept people who apply for a position in the company, there are cases when people falsify their CVs or application forms to get the position. Some applicants are trying to hide their criminal records or sometimes omit previous job positions from which they were dismissed. If you don’t want your business to be infiltrated by these undesirable people, pre-employment screening with polygraph tests can help.

These people can potentially hurt your business image and can eventually file claims against you if ever you dismiss them. Running a lie detection test can help prevent these people with deceptive application information from affecting your business and get to know their real intention.

False Claims

There are people who make false claims with insurance companies for losses that did not happen or for increasing the value of an item that should be replaced. For insurance companies, the Lie Detectors UK Company can confirm the information provided by claimants by letting them undergo a professional lie detection examination. It is considered as the most cost-effective solution for companies wanting to immediately confirm the claims of clients.

Sexual Abuse

Reliable and unbiased polygraph examination is what a sexual abuse case needs. Whether the examinee is the accused or the victim, the company can conduct an accurate test with the help of a sympathetic examiner who will handle the test with extreme consideration. The Lie Detectors UK Company will let their trained examiners under PCSOT (Post Conviction Sex Offender Training) conduct the test to make sure all guidelines for this case are considered.


A relationship requires trust from both sides and when resolving trust issues, it should be handled by an examiner in a caring and sensitive manner. For issues of infidelity or those wanting their partners to undergo lie detection tests, the company will send examiners who will assist you in any aspect that is causing the distress in your relationship. Like all other cases, this matter will be treated with sensitivity and confidentiality.

Accused of Something You Didn’t Do

Many have experienced of being wrongly accused of something they never did. However, with a polygraph test, many from different parts of the world were released from the investigations made on such cases. If you or someone you know has been accused wrongly, the Lie Detectors UK Company can perform a polygraph test. The results will tell everyone if you have been honest or deceptive of your statement on issues where you have been accused wrongly.


What Makes Their Services Different from Others

Unlike other polygraph testing companies, the Lie Detectors UK Company focuses on using only the latest techniques and most advanced equipment to deliver accurate results in the fastest way possible. This assures that results will not be tampered in any way and guarantee fast turnaround time to prove your innocence about any accusations.

All examiners perform each test with much integrity to assure clients that they are only provided with the truth. Complying with all APA and BPA guidelines, each examiner is required to perform tests that aim to let the examinee tell the truth with a considerate approach.

Their use of the latest equipment assures clients that results can be provided in a short period of time and be used in court proceedings. Clients can expect that the fast turnaround time of results can lead to faster court proceedings and get to know who the real suspects are. The results can be used to support all corroborating evidence and eventually have the right person convicted.

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At Lie Detectors.UK, we conduct lie detector tests in an ethical way and can provide you with quality polygraph testing services and free advice. We can help you cope with any situation, from assisting in legal defence to truth verification.

How can Lie Detector (polygraph) tests help?

Our examiners conduct the lie detector (polygraph) tests with polygraph equipment that fully complies with the American Polygraph Association and the British Polygraph Society. The tests are conducted discreetly and sensitively. The lie detector (polygraph) test can record the physiological changes of an individual such as changes in the skin resistance, pulse rate and changes in respiration and perspiration. Through these changes, the polygraph examinations can detect when a person is lying. This enables the examiner to expose the truth.

Restore trust in a partner or loved one – Do you feel you’re being cheated on? We understand that mistrust in a relationship can be devastating. With a lie detector (polygraph) test, we can help couples resolve their relationship issues and marital problems.

Resolve family disputes – We can conduct lie detector tests to resolve family and personal matters including domestic violence, family disputes, false accusations and personal theft. Our trained examiners will help determine the truth when it comes to private issues.

Avoid workplace crime – By conducting polygraph examinations on prospective employees, organisations can prevent future legal risks, crime, substance abuse and employee theft.

Reveal the truth – Have you been accused of fraud and need to clear your name? If you’ve been accused of something you haven’t done and you are unable to prove it, we can conduct polygraph tests to prove whether the allegation is true or not.