Being cheated on by your spouse could be the most painful thing that could happen to you. Aside from the inconveniences of separation, you could be paranoid. Sometimes, it is understandable if you become suspicious of your spouse. There will be times when you keep thinking about what you should do next, especially when your spouse doesn’t come home, or when there is a sudden change in his/her schedule.

Marital problems can be solved by open communication, but if the disputes gets a bit more serious then you may need the services of a lawyer. Either way, you could suggest the use of lie detectors to determine whether your spouse is lying to you. Honesty is the foundation of a relationship, and it would really help if couples would be subjected to a lie detector test. Though this sounds extreme, the undeniable benefits of the lie detector test are evident.

Can the lie detector really help couples in their marital problems? Maybe not entirely, but they can determine if their spouses are hiding something. It can even help determine if the spouses are cheating on you. However, a lie detector test may sometimes be hazy. If the person feels nervous during the interrogation, there may be instances when the test could give a false positive.

On the other hand, lie detector tests could be beneficial in rebuilding trust in your spouse, or vice versa. Taking the test could make both parties feel at ease with each other. Like the common adage ‘the truth will set you free,’ a polygraph test may be your ticket to a better relationship with your spouse. The goal of the lie detector test is not to bring out new truths; its sole function is to confirm is a party has really betrayed you.

The process, however, would be more rigid than what you usually see in TV shows. The examiner could ask straight questions at the person – most of these questions require very specific answers. The whole process will only take a couple of minutes, while the examiner monitors and records the results concerning the person’s perspiration, respiration, and heartbeat.
You may argue that the polygraph test is valid for finding out if your spouse is cheating on you. Unfortunately, the results of such test are not acceptable in court, as they may be unreliable. But if you have an accurate instrument, and the service is offered by a legit company, the results are 97% accurate and you will only have to expect a 3% margin of error.
The accuracy of results could be in question especially if the person subjected to the test knows tricks. For instance, your erring spouse can act and has trained himself to remain calm during confrontations and interrogations. The ability to trick the lie detector is correlated to the person’s ability to control your heart rate. Also, the polygraph test doesn’t work on everyone, especially pregnant women, or people under medication.

If you still plan to be subjected to the lie detector test, expect the following questions: Have you been involved in an illicit affair? Have you had any sexual intercourse with a person other than your spouse? There will be vomit sessions wherein you have to spill really personal details with the examiner.
Where you get such services also matters. You should get the test from a reliable company so you can be sure of accurate results. There are so many lie detector instruments available, but some of these could not give accurate results.

Fortunately, Lie Detector Test Ltd. offers various services using one instrument. If you need help resolving marital issues (i.e. you want to find out if your spouse is being entirely honest with you) then they are the people you need. Remember that your spouse must consent to the test, and more importantly, you need to have a serious talk with your spouse to find out if you still need to go through with it. The polygraph test is just a tool; what comes after, whether you seek counseling with your spouse, would depend in what both of you want to happen in your relationship.
Moreover, the key to a successful resolution of marital disputes in general is to keep the communication lines between you and your spouse open. There would not be any need for a polygraph test if you were willing to be transparent to your spouse in the first place. If you want the test to push through, at least go to trusted companies like Lie Detector Test Ltd. Rest assured that the staff would accommodate your requests for a fair price. The company doesn’t only offer polygraph tests for resolution of family disputes, but it also keeps you alert against theft, fraud, bribery, family law, insurance investigations, and false allegations. With this company, the truth shall always prevail; couples will be guided by the truth from the polygraph test.