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Location: Maidstone

False accusations can have serious consequences, especially when they affect young people. Alexandra Jones, a schoolgirl from Maidstone, was accused of leaving peanuts in a classroom at Rochester Grammar School, where a teacher with a nut allergy worked. The accusation led to her being excluded from school for 20 days, jeopardizing her academic progress.

Fortunately, Alexandra and her family did not give up and decided to seek the help of Lie Detectors UK, a company based in Kent that provides lie detector tests. Alexandra’s father, Mark, commissioned a test for his daughter to prove her innocence.

The Test:

The lie detector test that Alexandra underwent aimed to determine whether she had left peanuts in the classroom. Alexandra had been accused of the prank with her friend, and the school excluded her based on the probability that the two girls had been seen giggling in a corridor adjacent to the classroom.

The test was designed to measure Alexandra’s physiological changes in response to a series of questions. The examiner worked with Alexandra to create appropriate questions based on the facts of the case. An average lie detector test takes around two hours.

Proving Innocence:

The results of the lie detector test showed that Alexandra was telling the truth – she had not left peanuts in the classroom. The test proved that she had been falsely accused, and as a result, she was able to clear her name and return to school.

The test results also highlighted the importance of a thorough investigation in cases where there is a possibility of false accusations. The school now has the opportunity to investigate the case more thoroughly and prevent future occurrences of false accusations.


False accusations can be a traumatic experience, particularly for young people. In Alexandra’s case, the lie detector test was an effective way to prove her innocence and ensure that the school investigated the case thoroughly.

If you or someone you know has been falsely accused of a crime or wrongdoing, consider seeking the help of Lie Detectors UK. Our professional and experienced examiners can provide the proof of innocence needed to clear a name and move forward.”