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The client, Sarah, had always trusted her husband, Tom, who worked away from home. They had met in a bar, where he had been working on some repairs, and soon got married. However, Sarah became suspicious when Tom stopped calling her when he was away for work and would not answer his phone. He had also lost his wedding ring and was very protective of his phone.


Sarah tried to confront Tom, but he denied everything. She decided to obtain a lie detector test to determine if her husband was cheating on her. Sarah found Lie Detectors UK online and decided to work with a polygraph examiner to develop the best questions to get the answers she needed. The examination results confirmed her suspicions that Tom was having an affair.

Polygraph Examiner and Lie Detector Results:

Tom confessed to the affair after the polygraph results. The affair had been going on for around a year with a woman old enough to be his mother, and she had become pregnant as a result of their affair.


Sarah had since remarried and placed her second husband through a polygraph examination before they got married. They have been happily married for eight years now. Sarah highly recommends the services of polygraph examiners, as it helped her to learn a devastating truth but put her on the path to a more considered relationship.