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Lie Detectors Locations

Lie Detectors UK provides professional lie detector services in various regions across the UK and Ireland. Our accredited polygraph examiners are available to assist you in uncovering the truth, no matter where you are located. We offer our services in the following regions:

London and South East:

  • London
  • Surrey
  • Kent
  • Essex
  • Brighton
  • Croydon
  • Maidstone
  • Sevenoaks
  • Southend
  • Colchester

South West:

  • Bristol
  • Dorset
  • Exeter
  • Plymouth


  • Birmingham
  • Coventry
  • Leicester
  • Derby
  • Nottingham
  • Northampton

North West:

  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Merseyside
  • Blackpool

North East:

  • Newcastle
  • Sunderland
  • Durham

Yorkshire and the Humber:

  • Leeds
  • Sheffield
  • Hull

East of England:

  • Cambridge
  • Peterborough
  • Ipswich
  • Norwich


  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • Dundee


  • Cardiff
  • Swansea

Northern Ireland:

  • Belfast

Southern England:

  • Southampton
  • Portsmouth
  • Reading
  • Oxford

Wherever you are, trust Lie Detectors UK for accurate, confidential, and reliable lie detector test results. Contact us today to schedule your test and gain the clarity and peace of mind you deserve.

Lie Detectors UK in Bristol

Uncover the truth with Lie Detectors UK in Bristol. Our discreet and reliable lie detector tests provide clarity in personal, legal, and corporate matters. Schedule your test today for peace of mind.

Leicester Lie Detector Tests: Your Gateway to Truth and Clarity

Looking for reliable lie detector tests in Leicester? Lie Detectors UK offers expert services tailored to the Leicester community. With advanced technology, confidentiality, and local understanding, we provide accurate results for personal or professional queries. Contact us for trusted, efficient lie detector testing in Leicester.

Worcester Lie Detector Tests: Uncover the Truth with Expert Precision

Seeking truth in Worcester? Look no further than Lie Detectors UK. Our skilled team provides highly accurate and confidential lie detector tests, using the latest technology. Whether for personal matters or internal investigations, we're committed to helping you uncover the truth efficiently and reliably. Book your test in Worcester today for clarity and peace of mind.