Is Polygraph Testing Something I Need?


Polygraph testing can help people who are troubled by issues involving honesty and integrity. It provides comfort and clarity for people who want to know the truth and appeases anxiety and worry for people who are frustrated to prove their innocence.

Spotting lies and searching for the truth is a tricky undertaking. We cannot easily say if a person is lying or not by just looking at them. As much as we want to rely on gut feeling, it is not reliable and accurate and it can be swayed with different factors. Aside from that, we also want to save ourselves from possible shame and conflict if we end up with wrong accusations.

If spotting a lie is already tricky, proving innocence is more complicated. Our normal reaction once we are accused of something we did not do is to be defensive. But for some reason, society has already linked being defensive to being dodgy and being guilty. And as we try convince and prove the other party of our innocence, the more we appear as defensive and guilty.

Instead of relying on emotions, experiences, prejudices, and gut feeling, polygraph testing uses our body’s involuntary movements and reactions to “quantify” lies and truth. These reactions are recorded in a visual and measurable graph and, with the help of a polygraph testing expert, translated in a written report. Polygraph testing can identify if a person is lying or if he is telling the truth using a standard determinant that is agreeable to everyone and is free from biases and preference.

London Polygraph Company understands the importance of honesty and integrity in your daily living. Our team of highly-skilled examiners is trained in conducting private and confidential polygraph testing services for delicate and sensitive concerns. In London Polygraph Company, your welfare is our main priority.