Studies have proven that the human body exhibits different physiological responses when a person deals with a series of thought-provoking questions. If a person lies, certain changes in these physiological responses happen, most of which are difficult to notice with the naked eye. A polygraph is a machine that can measure and record these physiological responses to determine if a person is lying.

A cuff will be attached to the examinee’s arm which will measure physiological responses via muscle movements, breathing, heartbeat, blood flow, and perspiration. This cuff is attached to a machine with a screen that “illustrates” real-time physiological responses. The examiner will facilitate a series of questions while observing the screen. If there is a suspicious change in the physiological response pattern, this can be an indicator that a lie is taking place. Test examiners are trained to interpret physiological response graphs and identify if pattern changes are only due to nervousness or if they are clear manifestations of deception.

Our pool of examiners is trained to conduct professional polygraph testing services while keeping a friendly and pleasant environment. We make sure that our customers are aware and cooperative with the process, and that they are comfortable and relaxed while doing the test.