What is the reservation process?

Firstly you should complete our free screening consultation which does not commit you to using our service. You can do this on the phone or by email. The service we provide is completely confidential. As an ICO registered organisation, we only hold your private data for as long as is necessary with your full permission. (We are compliant with the Data Protection Directive 1995 as well as all other relevant data protection legislation 2016/679). You may wish to maintain anonimity if you call us until such time as you have the confidence to proceed. During the no obligation screening consultation, we will ask for a detailed explanation of the matter you want to resolve. You will also have the opportunity to ask us as many questions as necessary to be confident you wish to proceed. When you are happy to go ahead, we can mutually agree on a location, date and time that suits you. At that point, a deposit of £300 is payable either by credit/debit card of bank transfer to our client account. When payment is made it commits both parties to proceeding with the lie detector test. Your receipt will be sent together with confirmation of booking via email with details of the next stages. You will be contacted for collection of the balance usually 48 hours before the test is to be administered. However, a payment of the full amount may be required if you have asked for a test to take place on the same/ next day. The full fee is normally required for last minute bookings.

How Does a Lie Detector Test Work?

Scientifically controlled, a polygraph test (more commonly known as a lie detector test) monitors physiological changes in a person who is being questioned. It is conducted by a qualified examiner, who uses a combination of analytics and physical responses of the subject corresponding with psychological principles. The physical variables measured included blood pressure, pulse, respiration and perspiration. The psychological evaluation identifies the precise matters necessary to define the subject’s physiological profile. Scientific instruments are used to determine signs of deceit and to verify honesty in the physical part of the test. Analysing both psychological and physical data obtained from the test, the examiner will reach a conclusion and provide a detailed report. Lie detector tests are utilised internationally for private/personal, legal and criminal matters. In the United Kingdom, the Jeremy Kyle show has brought them into the public eye where they are used to resolve cases of infidelity, false allegations, personal theft and disputes among family members or friends.

There is no difference between booking an appointment with a marriage guidance counsellor or psychologist and making one for a professional lie detector test. Most clients contemplating a test book it because they can see no alternative to resolving their specific problem or position.These problems usually relate to family matters, relationships or past issues sometimes spanning many years.

What is the fee and how is it evaluated?

To make an informed decision it’s vital that clients comprehend the cost of the test and what they get for their money.

In the UK a professionally administered test with an examiner who has been accredited by APA/EPA takes an average of 3 hours. The cost per individual is around £600. Costs vary depending on the complexity of the matter and the location of the test. When there are 2 subjects taking the test on the same day, regarding the same matter (e.g. fraud, theft etc.), the price may be reduced. The same applies to married couples when both partners take an infidelity test on the same date in the same location. Booking directly with Lie Detector Test UK saves agency commissions and allows you to personally check the credentials of the examiners who administer the tests. Tests that appear very low-cost invariably prove to be fraudulent. Whereas tests that seem overly expensive usually entail agencies fees or commissions. Since agencies are ‘middle men’ or ‘go betweens’ you won’t know who your are dealing with until you arrive.

If you are considering booking a test, don’t do it on impulse. For example, if you are having a row with your partner we advise you to wait until you have calmed down. On reserving the test you will be asked to pay a deposit which is non refundable if you cancel just because you have changed your mind. Never book a test until you are sufficiently informed and have considered all the aspects.

How many questions can be asked?

A complete polygraph test averages around 3 hours. An examiner will, during the process of the test, ask several questions. The first part of the test involves psychological profiling whereby the subject will need to respond to lots of questions in relation to why the issue has arisen. For example, in a relationship where there is an accusation of infidelity, the subject will be asked numerous questions about their relationship generally, before focusing on the alleged infidelity. Usually 3 close ended questions will be asked whereby the subject can answer as to their veracity. Or they may be asked whether the statements they have made, during the test, are true. The latter would apply if there are one or more variables needed to resolve a matter. If required the examiner may contact the person proposing the test to discuss the questions and confim the wording before the test takes place. The subject of the test will not know which specific questions are to be asked, negating any possibility of them preparing for the procedure that our trained examiner will implement.

Is the test accurate and can it be wrong?

Our polygraph tests have been statistically proven to be between 95 to 98 percent accurate by the APA (American Polygraph Association). Of more than 6,000 lie detector test results following the protocol above, with tests administered by a professionally trained and qualified examiner, the benefits are widely acknowledged. As applies to any scientifically conducted test, the accuracy depends on how well it is administered. Experienced examiners, controlled environments and state of the art technology; together with accreditations and qualifications lead to the most accurate results available.

Booking tests with agencies that don’t divulge the full details of an examiner or with an examiner who is unwilling to prove his/her credentials, is not recommended. These scenarios often lead to innacurate results due to individuals conducting tests who are not properly trained in analysing or reporting on the data produced by the polygraph machine. We advise you to always verify the credentials of polygraph examiners. This can be done by using links on the Lie Detector Test UK website to access the APA/EPA. Alternatively you can contact us for more information before committing to a reservation.

Are there any conditions or restrictions on the person being tested?

Primarily the subject must consent to take the test and be 16+ years of age. Anyone who is pregnant will not be permitted to take a polygraph test. When you begin the booking process we will ask you several screening questions. These will include queries about the suitability, fitness and ability of the subject. The reason for these questions is that we want the subject to arrive for the test with their natural disposition. We will require the person to be tested to be alcohol and recreational drug free for a minimum of 24 hours prior to the test. We will also want to know which prescription drugs the subject is taking, if any. People who are taking prescription medication must continue to take it. For more information regarding eligibility, you can visit our suitability test page or contact us. We can go through the screening consultation with you absolutely free of charge.

Where will the Lie Detector take place?

Our private, secure and discreet offices are located nationwide. They can be found in the majority of UK towns and cities and are strategically positioned to ensure discretion. Passers by will not be aware that these offices conduct lie detector tests. Unlike reality shows such as Jeremy Kyle’s you can be assured that your matter will not be made public nationally or locally. Our service is completely confidential. Our locations are carefully chosen so that tests can be administered in a controlled and safe enviroment, ensuring optimum accuracy. Our main offices are in London, Liverpool and Birmingham from where our examiners travel to our satellite offices. If required we may be able to conduct the test in your home providing it matches our criteria in terms of environment. A subject needs to be calm, comfortable, secure and confident in order to achieve an accurate test. If a home test is arranged our examiner will arrived in an unmarked vehicle with no branding to protect your privacy. Visit our website and click on ‘nationwide locations’ to find a testing office near you. Visit our locations section on the homepage or contact us if you would like to find out your nearest location.. .

What happens on the day of the polygraph test?

Your reservation confirmation will include details of the date and time of arrival, as well as what you should be brought with you. On arrival you go to the reception desk and give your name to our receptionist. To maintain confidentiality, there is no need to state why you there in front of others in the area. Our examiner will come to greet you and the subject (if it is not you who is taking the test) and accompnay you to the controlled room in which the lie detector test will be administered. The examiner will want to check your ID and request that you sign our consent form. For analytical purposes, the test will be both sound and video recorded. The examiner will then start the interview with the subject to ascertain facts for psychoanalysis (the pre-test interview). After this, the subject will be connected to the polygraph machine so that the test can begin. Physical changes will be recorded as questions are asked. Only the subect taking the test is allowed in the room with the examiner while the test is administered. Finally the examiner will analyse the results verbally report his findings to the client, We will then provide a detailed and fully verified report with the examiner’s conclusions via email or if requested, by normal post. Our service is highly confidential and for this reason, only the person who booked the test will receive the report, unless we are instructed otherwise. If you have booked the test for yourself, but would like us to confirm that you have taken it to a third party, you will be sent a pass code for security purposes. The third party can then contact us for verification of the test and its results.


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