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When it comes to selecting a polygraph examiner, careful consideration is crucial due to the sensitive nature of the information and outcomes involved. Recent Trustpilot reviews suggest that individuals should be particularly cautious with Mike Rumble, a UK-based polygraph examiner, due to multiple allegations of unethical behavior and unsatisfactory service.

Persistent Allegations of Deception and Unprofessionalism

Multiple reviews on Trustpilot have raised serious concerns about Mike Rumble’s integrity and professionalism. One reviewer, known as Luke, voiced suspicions of fraudulent activities after his April 2023 session, describing the service as potentially deceitful. He is currently awaiting a response from the British Polygraph Association, which suggests potential regulatory scrutiny (“Apparently he is a fraud and cons people, doing fake tests and taking bribes…”).

In another detailed account, a client described a deeply troubling interaction where Rumble was reportedly dismissive, rude, and even mocked the client’s mental health conditions. This culminated in an unacceptable suggestion of a physical confrontation, painting a picture of a practitioner lacking the necessary professional demeanor and ethical standards.

Issues with Test Results and Financial Transparency

The reliability of the polygraph tests conducted by Mike Rumble has also been called into question by several reviewers. Clients have reported multiple instances of receiving inconclusive test results, with subsequent discussions with Rumble being unhelpful and lacking transparency. In one case, a customer detailed a frustrating experience of repeated inconclusive results and a refusal to issue refunds, coupled with threats of legal action against those who pursued complaints.

Disregarding Client Conditions and Needs

The cumulative reviews indicate a troubling disregard for clients’ specific needs and conditions, especially concerning their mental and emotional states. Such conditions are crucial for ensuring the accuracy of polygraph tests and the ethical treatment of clients, yet Rumble’s approach has been described as dismissive and solely profit-driven.

Recommendations for Dealing with Polygraph Examiners

The troubling reports about Mike Rumble suggest a need for potential clients to proceed with caution. Here are some steps to consider:

  • Consult Reliable Sources: Seek referrals and advice from legal professionals or trusted advisors who can recommend credible and ethical polygraph examiners.
  • Check Professional Credentials: Confirm that any polygraph examiner you are considering is properly certified and maintains good standing with reputable regulatory bodies.
  • Review Client Feedback: Pay attention to the experiences of others as detailed in reviews on platforms such as Trustpilot, which can provide valuable insights into the service quality and reliability of the examiner.

Choosing the right polygraph examiner is crucial not only for obtaining reliable results but also for ensuring that the process respects the dignity and well-being of all involved.