About Us

About Us

The London Polygraph Company has been providing the leading lie detection/polygraph services within UK. All examiners from the company have graduated from prominent polygraph schools and trained under high supervision to ensure their skills and knowledge for conducting test services. Apart from the basic training, the London Polygraph Company requires examiners to undergo consistent training sessions to keep them updated of the changes in technology, practices, and methods in the field.

They are also working closely with American Polygraph Association- and British Polygraph Association-recognized polygraph schools to let examiners use the most advanced and authorized scientific technique with the latest equipment for them to provide the best service for lie detector tests.

With every examination, professional examiners aim to verify only the truth by strictly following ethical and moral codes. This is to ensure that every test is performed with integrity and utmost professionalism. At the London Polygraph Company, each test is conducted with quality control measures to get accurate results. The background of each examiner can assure clients that the highest standards are followed with the use of the most advanced equipment. Clients from all over London and even from nearby cities can expect that the company will conduct lie detector tests professionally.

A Polygraph Company Dedicated in Verifying the Truth
Many may doubt the accuracy of such tests but the London Polygraph Company guarantees clients of getting only the truth from their tests. With the professionalism towards their job and the continuous training that examiners undergo, clearing all accusations from a person is attainable. The company aims in exposing only the truth from people who have been accused of crimes they didn’t do. Through the services that they offer, revealing the truth is now easier and faster than the usual lie detection tests made before.

Those having problems with their budget will not have problems as the company offers their services at reasonable prices. Though some may find their company intimidating as majority of their clients are from private sectors, they make sure that the services they offer are suitable for the budget of clients. This is to assure that everyone can get their services and reveal the truth for every case.


Why Choose London Polygraph Company?

The procedures done within the company allow clients to prove their innocence and at the same time uncover deception even with the absence of supporting evidence. By conducting lie detection tests under strict guidelines, investigators of certain cases can save time and costs on resources as they can immediately get the truth from potential suspects or witnesses.

The company offers services that can be tailored to whatever situation a client may have. They also assure full confidentiality when it comes to handling different cases and make sure to treat each case uniquely. With their fully trained and knowledgeable examiners, narrowing down the focus of every case inquiry will be easily achieved by investigators and help them in finding the truth.

With every case, examiners will be using the latest and most suitable test techniques with computerized equipment and sensors that are essential for truth verification. The clients they handle are both from private and corporate sectors from different parts of the UK.


What Issues can London Polygraph Company Handle?

Some of the issues where their lie detection/polygraph testing services can be applied are the following:

  • Infidelity
  • Theft
  • False Allegations
  • Fraud
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Family Issues

For every test conducted, the examiner assigned will comply strictly with the code of ethics followed under BPA and APA. Currently, the procedures used by the company guarantee reliability and accuracy with all its results. Regardless of the suspect or witness profile, the company will keep all information confidential and only perform services expected from them.


Contact London Polygraph Company

If you have been falsely accused or want someone to undergo a polygraph test, don’t hesitate in calling the London Polygraph Company. When you contact them for their services, expect that they will fully understand your situation and explain the procedures that they will perform. They are going to make necessary calls and set meetings to let the accused or you undergo their tests under the supervision of another professional examiner. This is the company’s way of assuring everyone involved that all results are read and examined well, prior to releasing the final test results.

Whether you are from the corporate sector or a private individual, expect that the London Polygraph Company is always willing to take your case. They will provide all necessary details regarding their services and see to it that they can help you the best way they can. As their lie detection/polygraph tests are done, rest assured that at the end of all the struggles from your case, the truth will be revealed.

To get their services, feel free to contact them by filling out their contact form or by sending an email to the address provided at the contact page.

Need professional polygraph/lie detection tests within the UK? The London Polygraph Company can handle the job for you!